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Online Billing - Helpful information

T-Mobile Hotline for T- Mobile customers from Cell Phone:  2202  or  2828  
Hotline for T- Mobile customers    from Landline:      01805 229 494

Tel: 0800 330 1000 / Fax: 0180 5 330633

Mail Box :  3311


            T-Mobile online Billing:

             To check your Cell Phone statement online with T-Mobile you will need to do the following :

Please click the following link :  https://rechnung.t-mobile.at/vpn/



O2 Germany:


To check your Cell Phone statement online with O2 Germany GmbH you will need to do the following :

Please click the following link :

To be able to use this service you need to register, Registrierung als Mobilfunk-Kunde:
Then enter your cell phone number in the pop-up box

Weiter  ( Continue )

1.     You will receive an short Message per ( SMS) on your cell phone with your new
Password to LOG IN.

 Once you get your SMS Message, Please click on      https://login.o2online.de/loginRegistration/loginAction.do?_flowId=login

Once again and enter you Cell Phone Nr. and the password.

2.     Each time you need to check you statement you need to keep your password ready.

To call O2 Germany GmbH Customer Service please have your Cell phone Nr. ready and your 4 digit password. Tel: 01805 436 466 you will get a German recording then press 3 then press 1.
Fax : 01805 571 766

O2 Credit Service : 01805 453 345  OR  01805 62 43 57

For your Information

Phone Disconnection can take up to 7 days from the day they receive your Bank transfer.

O2 Germany GmbH
Bank Name: Bayer Hypo- und Vereinsbank Gilching
Account Nr. 5713153
BLZ 70020270